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The easiest way to say, Thank You.

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App to send instant thank you notes to People, Places or even Things for thoughtful Gifts, kind ... More

Editor's review

Published 28 Oct 2011

This is a simple little app and probably one that parents could encourage their children to use as it would be a fun way for them to send all of those birthday and Christmas present thank you notes.

By signing up you can just click create and be taken to a page to write your note which will be written in a handwritten style making it look more personal even though it’s being sent electronically. You can change the style of background however and as you’ve already entered your name to set the account up it will automatically sign off with it.

Messages can be sent via your own email or by Facebook and Twitter for that caring and sharing experience or you can copy the link and send that instead.

The site also has the capability to take photo uploads which could again be a useful function to parents looking to encourage their children to keep in touch, perhaps with grandparents who live some distance away or even pen pals. Regular pictures will help chart a growing grandchild’s life and even though a straightforward email would do the job just as well the variety will probably help keep kids interested.

Your account page keeps a copy of all of the notes you’ve written and of course it’s all free meaning if you don’t like it or the kids grow out of it you haven’t wasted any money. At the end of the day encouraging kids to use a PC to write something has to be an improvement on the endless games.

Oh and did I mention you don’t have to be a child to use it!

Hardly likely to get adults excited but could have an educational side to it

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