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The everyday trivia quiz show app where you can win cash prizes

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That's Right live gameshow app delivers the right mix of entertainment, brain stimulus and luck. ... More

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Published 4 Mar 2019

There's something about a trivia quiz that people just love. It doesn't matter whether it's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on TV , Trivial Pursuit as a board game or simply your local pub trivia night - people love to watch them and take part.  However, while there are quite a few trivia games available in the various app stores you won't find too many with the earning power that this one has. The catchily named That's Right is a free live game show app for both Android and iOS that gives you two chances to win a cash prize every night.

That's Right delivers a fast paced mix of brain power and pure entertainment - as well as more than a slice of luck - over two simultaneous games. First up, there's the trivia part of the game where you get the chance to win a share of a thousand bucks if you answer all twelve questions correctly. Then there's the luck part where you can win another grand. Everyone who takes part in the trivia quiz gets a ticket into the raffle at the end of the night. The more questions you get right in the trivia part gives you more tickets to play in the raffle. While the trivia winners split one prize, the raffle gives one person the chance to win the whole cat and kaboodle. Pretty cool, eh?

For the trivia part of the game, competitors try to answer...