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A new 'block and shot' game to herald the year of the rooster

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"Mastery requires iteration, while patience conquers all things."

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Published 6 Feb 2017

First up, FeedMyApp would like to wish a happy Chinese and Lunar New Year to all our friends and readers around the world wherever they may be. This, of course, is the year of the rooster. Well, to be more accurate, it's the year of the fire rooster. The characteristics of the fire rooster include trustworthiness and a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work. Now these are not things that are generally associated with online gameplay. However, when they ARE required elements of a game, that's when the fire rooster will come into his or her own.

To celebrate the coming year we would like to introduce a new puzzle game that has just been released onto the app market. We think that it's a game that will require at least one of those characteristics in order for the player to succeed. As you may have gathered, The Art of Destruction is not your usual kind of game. It has evolved from deep down in the Hills of Solitude and manages to mix strategy and puzzle play as well as utilizing your powers of concentration. The game is part of the new 'block and shot' style of gaming and features gloriously lush graphics, cool music and challenging gameplay that aims to keep the player amused for hours on end.

The goal of The Art of Destruction is quite simple. Players need to strike the Royal Seal using a matching Royal Shot - that's a ball to you and I. That may sound easy enough at first but these kinds of games are never quite as easy to master as they seem. The problem arises when the Royal Seal is protected by a puzzle of surrounding stone blocks. In order to get to the Seal, one must dismantle these blocks by shooting them down. Unfortunately, you only have a certain number of shots available across all 5 levels of any given chapter so you'd better get your aim and your strategy right straight away.

To truly master The Art of Destruction, one has to balance the needs of each lesson while preparing for the challenge that follows so patience, accuracy good strategy are your best bets here. The first 12 Chapters of the game are open and unlocked and contain 60 Lessons while there's an additional 26 Chapters that can be found and unlocked. They feature a further 120 Lessons. Finally, you can unlock any of the locked Chapters that are hidden throughout the various initial 12 Chapters by finding and breaking the glass blocks that conceal them. So, as you can see, there's a lot of entertainment here if you wish to prove yourself the master of the game.

The Art of Destruction is one of those games that is easy enough to play but very difficult to master. The motto that describes the game states that "Mastery requires iteration, while patience conquers all things." How true that is of this game. There are three levels of gameplay - easy, normal and hard - to cater for all ages and all gaming abilities and the game comes in 16 different languages. It features ancient temple- inspired theme music with SFX accompanying the sets as well as FX during gameplay. It's these beautiful graphics that really steal the show here. The Art of Destruction is available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and the rest of the iOS devices for around two bucks. May luck be on your side.

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