Developer description

The Best Sites is a directory of the best websites. But, unlike most directories, the editors of The Best Sites meticulously curate the most relevant and useful information about the best websites. It also features articles discussing the uses of some websites and guides about how to use the best websites to their full power.

They deliver their well-organized information with high resolution pictures, screenshots, charts, and diagrams. Their website has a full featured social platform that allows you to save and share your favorites. And to add a cherry on top, all of this is brought to you in an AJAXed, Web 2.0, responsive design.

The Best Sites has Top 10 lists. Everybody loves Top 10 lists. Go to The Best Sites for the "Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time" or the "Top 10 Dating Websites Grid Comparison".

The websites you find at The Best Sites are all high quality websites that are generally also very popular. The Best Sites is almost like FeedMyApp except their editors go for quality over quantity. On the homepage you might see an article about which is a website sponsored by the UN that donates 10 grain of rice for every vocabulary question answered. You could also see an article about which is a directory of direct call phone numbers so you can skip the wait when being put on hold over the telephone.

The authors and editors put a tremendous amount of effort into their work. For each of the best websites, they write a website review, along with a personal review, grade, links to mobile apps, types of logins the website supports, and so much more that varies between the different types of websites.

The Best Sites is working on a Windows 8 App that will allow you to browse through their selection and Windows 8 Apps. This will be deployed by the end of June 2013.

The Best Sites is a side project of Envied Solutions ( which is a Creative Design and Technical Deployment Firm owned by Brian Zalewski (B.S. Aerospace Engineering from Rutgers University) so he's a smart cookie and it shows in his work.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015