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Create your perfect Pokemon Go battle team based on your own Pokemon!

The Brofessor App is a team builder, battle helper and guide for Pokemon GO. The Brofessor will generate your perfect battle team for you, both for claiming or training a Pokemon Gym! This all-in-one app will help you to win 93% more gym battles & battle more gyms in a significantly shorter timeframe! Just add your own battle Pokemon and select your battle opponents for the Brofessor to generate your perfect battle team!

Pokemon Go Team Builder

Become “the very best” & the most dominant gym battler! The Brofessor App will always generate your perfect battle team for both claiming & training a gym. Easily add your own battle Pokemon, indicate what the purpose is of your next battle and select your battle opponents. The Brofessor will do the rest. In that way, you will always make the best picks for your gym battles team, no matter if it is for claiming or training a gym.

Add Your Own Battle Pokemon

Search your Pokemon by name with ease. Just type in one letter and the app will show a list of all Pokemon containing that letter. Fill in the mandatory Combat Power (CP) and their assigned attacks for the Brofessor to generate your perfect battle team. You can even give your Pokemon a nickname!

Select your Gym Battle Opponents

Here too you can search your opponents in a totally intuitive way! Fill in their mandatory Combat Power (CP) and you are ready to go!

The Brofessor App features
• Team Builder
• Trainer & Battle Helper
• Great for Gym Battles
• Your Are 93% More Likely to Win a Gym Battle!
• You Win Gym Battles Up to 49% Faster!
• All Pokemon Listed. Even the Baby Pokemon!
• Ability to Add Your Own Pokémon & Information
• Helps you to become “the very best” in Pokemon GO


If you are a Pokemon GO fan, we are sure that you will find our app EXTREMELY useful. We worked really hard to make this Pokemon guide and informatory fast, versatile and handy to all Pokemon GO players.

Last updated 13 Feb 2017

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