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Every year the government of India spews out large amounts of data in mounds of reports written by diligent bureaucrats. The data is collected at a huge cost to the exchequer through various surveys over long periods of time. This data is not readily available and buried in PDFs or under systems that require sign up and login.

Compared to what the US government and its citizens do to bring forth the data related to US, India is sorely lacking. As one of the leading Asiatic nations and forecasts to be one of the major economies of the world by 2035, there is a lot to learn from the actions India takes, the policies it frames, the actions its takes and the promises it makes.

Now is a good time to explore this data. The government has to make more data available, and when it does there needs to be someone to make sense of it. Find the secrets hidden, the growth achieved, the opportunities grasped, the potential unfulfilled. We will analyze everything and bring it closer to people. To public. To the citizens that make this country.

We aim to bring this data closer to the public with in-depth analysis and interactive visualizations. We believe facts are sacred and promise that our analysis and presentation will be objective.

Last updated 24 Jul 2014