Developer description

Draw your path and get to your son in this complex puzzle adventure game. Put yourself in Dead Blue's black and white world and draw your path between the spiked edges of this dungeon like world.

The rules are easy: use your finger to draw your path and don't get yourself dead so you can help Dead Blue reach his son. With lots of levels, all handcrafted, scary enemies, moving objects and spiked edges all around, you have only one goal to achieve in this black and white world: get to your son. But beware! Dangers awaits everywhere!

Bounce on trampolines, enter portals to teleport, find the eye so you can see your son, avoid the moving obstacles, pass the monsters, all while trying not to hit the spiked edges that surround this dungeon world.

In the complex puzzle adventure of Dead Blue time is not an issue but danger awaits you at every step so think carefully!

Last updated 13 May 2020

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