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The only mobile game for film buffs is now available for Android devices.
The Film Quiz app is intended for movie fans and film buffs, and features questions and content studiously created and collected. This is the first app of its kind and it will take players on a fantastic journey in time and space through the cinematic universe.
Two modes of play are available. Single player (PLAY) and Play with Friends. 
In single player mode, the user picks any of 9 Categories, e.g. CINERAMA (films), DIRECTORS, ACTORS, CELLULOID (film facts) etc. Each category is divided into Units. Each unit consists of 10 specific questions which are not repeated in other units. There is no limit on the number of tries to complete each unit. Units 1 in all Categories are available to play immediately. Successful completion of a unit awards points and coins which unlock further units. 
In Play with Friends mode, the user must first connect with Facebook and then invite their friends to join. Once friends have joined, they can now challenge each other. Each Challenge features 7 questions randomly drawn from the whole Film Quiz archive. Challenges also award coins.
The FILM SCHOOL category merits a special mention. It is geared towards film students, aspiring filmmakers or filmmaking enthusiasts. And depending on one’s knowledge it can be a test or a crash course.
The app also includes:
* Weekend Box Office results 
* Movie news and a new piece of movie trivia every day.
* Movie suggestions: ‘Film of the Day’ features a handpicked recommendation every day, and ‘Random Pick’ lets you draw from our selection.
New questions will be added regularly in all categories, constantly enriching the game. The iOS version of the app is currently in development to be released in 2017. New languages will become gradually available.
The Film Quiz is available for free in the Google Play Store. The app is available worldwide in English. 
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Last updated 29 Dec 2016

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