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Try to find the treasure in the mystery house by solving clues and riddles

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"The Hidden Treasure of Nahala" is a mobile mystery quest game with beautiful 3D ... More

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Published 2 Jun 2014

It must have been my growing up in a household that was stacked with Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes novels that led to my love of a genuinely good  'whodunnit' mystery. I used to love trying to figure out who the dastardly murderer was or who stole the jewels from some stately mansion. Then along came the Cluedo board game and it went to another level. The thought of Mr Mustard bludgeoning someone to death with a hammer in the kitchen still haunts me. Things changed inexorably though when fully interactive games like Myst and, later on, Syberia were unleashed onto the world. They featured glorious graphics as well as haunting storylines to capture a huge audience. Now those experiences are all knitted together for The Hidden Treasure of Nahala. This Android and iOS mystery quest game with beautiful 3D graphics will keep you amused for hours.
Do you like mystery games where you have to locate clues and figure out how to use them? If you do, you might just be clever enough to find "The Hidden Treasure of Nahala?" The first thing you will notice about Nahala is the instant captivation of the realistic 3D environments and beautiful graphics -not to mention a suspenseful, custom-made and very atmospheric soundtrack. Then you can set out on your quest to try to solve the mysterious puzzles that lead you to more and more riddles. The game starts with a strange letter attached to a sun-shaped stone that you find...