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Published 19 Jul 2018

According to the latest figures, the unemployment rate in the UK is at its lowest since records were first recorded back in 1971. While those figures have to be commended, it's rather sobering to note that it has taken almost ten years to recover from the disaster of the GFC back in 2008-9. The downside is that people are working longer hours, wages growth has stagnated and many of the new jobs are part time. It doesn't help that many economists are predicting a new financial crisis in the not so distant future - especially with Brexit looming and Trump's America first policy continuing. While the UK is probably faring a little better than similar 'western' economies, those statistics seem to echo across many of them. Consequently, people are searching out new ways of gaining meaningful employment.

The Job Auction is a new app based out of London that aims to work for both employers and employees - from full time right down to the one off job. It displays both a job board and an auction platform where jobs and skills are advertised. On the one hand it's a place where businesses can advertise for new staff while on the other it's a place to search for your ideal job. it's also a place where you can hunt up some one-off jobs if you have the skills to do them. However, there's also a section to auction jobs off for the best possible price...