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Looking for a full time job or you have a task that needs to be done? Look no further

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Published 19 Jul 2018


Let's start with the one-off job. If you are looking for someone who can do a one off job for you or you want to offer your own skills as a one-off this is the place to look. Thankfully, it follows all the rules of normal employment so there's little room to exploit or to be exploited including minimum wage requirements. Whether you are a carpenter, an electrician, a cook or an artist (or are looking for one) or its something as simple as needing your lawn mowed or your car fixed you can hunt through the ads for jobs that fit into your demographic. This is a particularly useful place to go for freelancers, older people who may have fallen out of the job market or others who want to augment their earnings - just as long as they have the skills to do the job. When you list a job, you have two choices. It can be something that you want someone to do for you or you can advertise a skill that you have yourself. Whichever one you choose, you can set your price and wait for offers to come in.

If you are an employer looking for either permanent or temporary staff you can create an ad in the 'Classic Job Ad' section and make it look classy using photos and videos etc. Applicants can then apply online and upload their CV and portfolio and unlimited applications can be viewed, compared and managed...