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Published 19 Jul 2018

[cont'd] in your dashboard. You can contact applicants via email or the inbuilt instant messaging service. If you're looking to hire staff fast use the Instajob section. It's a fixed price for 28 days and easy and fast to list. Applicants can upload their CV's without the need for a cover letter and you can send them confirmation by email or contact them using the IM system.

Finally, there's the Auction section. If you are a freelancer with a skill (or are looking for one) this is where you can find the right person and get the best price for that skill you have or for a job that you need doing. Skilled people can advertise themselves with photos, videos and additional files. Yet again, you can view and manage your replies in the dashboard. So there you have it. The Job Auction is a pretty easy app to use and to navigate and proves itself to be a worthy accessory to the regular employment services who tend to play to the lowest common denominator most of the time. The app covers everything from the simplest task to full time employment while sticking to regular employment conditions. I wish you all good luck in your search for a better life.