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Hop along with The Lonely Frog - a game that the whole family can enjoy!

The Lonely Frog just can’t catch a break... or a lillipad! Help our courageous frog on the biggest adventure of his life... to become the greatest frog that has ever lived!

This fun and addictive game will leave you on the edge of your seat as you work your way through 5 crazy worlds! With 25 unique and exciting levels, The Lonely Frog will never leave you bored on a rainy day! Just join our little frog and take flight on an endless adventure like none-other!

The Lonely Frog will put you in the shoes of the greatest adventurer of all time - a great adventurer that only wants to find a friend or two! Help him cross the pond to meet some new froggy friends and become a hero from the palm of your hand!

Reach for the stars... or as far as your webbed feet can take you! Jump from lily pad to lily pad and soar through the sky! But watch out: these lily pads are spinning, so you must time your jump to reach the next! Tap to jump, but make sure that you don’t fall!

If you fall, this brave frog’s adventure will be over - and all he wants to do is prove himself to the other frogs! Each level is harder than the last - can you make the leap of faith?

Join our brave frog on his greatest adventure yet - in The Lonely Frog!

- 25 fun and unique levels that will leave you wanting more!
- Endless mode for hours of entertainment!
- Easy to learn yet hard to master controls!
- Use power-ups and super-wings to help you jump even further!

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Last updated 4 Dec 2013