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Published 11 Mar 2014

[cont'd] free version of The Loop does contain ads though there is an option to upgrade to an ad-free version if you wish.
There is nothing overly complicated about The Loop. The pure fact is, it is one of those single mission apps that do exactly what you expect it to do. And therein lies its beauty. No longer will you have to keep switching between opening and closing your various social networks to keep abreast of everything is happening out there. You can quickly check them on one device and using just one app using swipe technology. The app is remarkably simple to use, is extremely user friendly, it looks good and is surprisingly clean considering the amount of information that is on view. The swipe technology simplifies everything and looks beautiful - if you've ever used an app like Flipboard, you will know exactly what I mean - and provides a seamless link between all of your social networks. We here at FeedMyApp love The Loop and anyone who struggles with the tedium of laboriously checking their social networks several times a day will undoubtedly find it a very useful addition to their iOS gadgets.