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The Milky Way is a new, augmented reality stargazing app. It stands out by offering suberb speed ... More

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Published 5 Oct 2012

A friend visited me recently and she couldn't wait to show me her latest favorite iPad app. There i was expecting a cool new video application or the follow up to Flipboard but what did she show me? The Milky Way: Sky Map, thats what! Who would have thought that an astronomy application would have caught the attention so much. But after having a good look at this classy astronomy education application I am totally sucked in too. And if you want to be convinced too just hold this stargazing app for iOS above your head and point it at the stars to see amazing 3D constellations right in front of the ones you are looking at.
Our galaxy is a gorgeous and beautiful thing. If you’ve ever wanted to discover more about it you can now do that on your iOS device with Milky Way: Sky Map.This new, augmented reality stargazing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch stands out by being fast, user friendly and quite beautiful. Just hold your iDevice above your head to see the constellations above you and, when you move it around, you will see that The Milky Way works in realtime with no delay whatsoever. Thankfully though, even though the app was developed and built by astronomy enthusiasts it was made for regular people like you and me so, to make life easy, any object you tap becomes highlighted and the app will show your relation to it. This way...