Developer description

The Money Pouch is a free automated stock trading app for residents in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

The Money Pouch targets beating the S&P500 with stable and consistent returns with its automated stock trading strategies.

Our free automated stock trading app reduces fees for savers & investors as there are no financial adviser fees. Investment management fees are also very low.

Target market: the investing app is useful for employees who work on contract work or commission work, such as Oil & Gas professionals, IT workers, coders, programmers, engineers, analysts, construction workers, teachers, supervisors, instructors, real estate agents, sales agents, financial advisers and expats.

The Money Pouch is a roboadvisor, an automated stock trading app for beginners and experienced traders.

The Money Pouch will automatically place trades on behalf of users every month, so there is no need to login and place trades yourself.

The Money pouch is a free wealth management app that buys stock and bond ETFs on a saver's behalf automatically.

The Money Pouch creates an investment portfolio automatically after users answer a few simple risk questions.

The Money Pouch uses automated trading algorithms to buy and sell shares of ETFs for users to reduce risk and increase returns.

If you are looking for the best stock trading app for beginners or experienced traders, you should check out the Money Pouch.

Last updated 8 Oct 2018

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