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Published 5 Jun 2012

The New Appsplit claims that it has a newly improved platform that will change the entire apps industry. Well I don't know about that but it will certainly encourage some new people to get involved. So how will it go about this radical change, you may ask? The idea behind it is to provide a place where you can possibly get budding entrepreneurial types to either fund your brilliant new app idea or buy it off you completely. This free crowd sourcing application is a marketplace for ideas for the next big app where developers and money men can peruse each other till their hearts content.
When the original Appsplit first launched in 2011 they had  one sole focus and that was apps. They started with a marketplace to buy and sell apps' source code and ownership rights, then they introduced a blog that purely focused on apps. Blog topics have included app marketing and promotions, running an app business, how to code better apps, user interface and experience best practices, etc. Today with an unwavering focus, Appsplit launches their new website that makes funding, developing, buying, and selling apps easier than ever. In essence, what the New Appsplit offers is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved in the creation, development and business of apps. By “everyone”  they truly mean it in the literal sense of the word. Everyone from app developers, entrepreneurs, fans, users, app owners, inventors, investors to the average Joe on the streets can now be part of the world of apps. With the new website, users can create campaigns specific to their needs. Users looking for ways to turn a great idea for an app into a fully developed or enhanced app can create a campaign to fund or develop; sell campaigns allow users to sell their developed apps. And everyone is invited to browse. Maybe you are looking for ways to contribute financially to a great idea in exchange for rewards. Or you might be a professional developer who is looking for a share deal or just a regular guy wanting to buy a fully developed app. Our newly-improved platform gives people this opportunity through our three types of campaigns: Fund campaigns, Sell campaigns, and Develop campaigns. A sale campaign allows you to post your app or idea up for sale to one or multiple buyers. A funding campaign works in a similar fashion as your transitional crowd funding site.  You can post your campaign and request funds from others in return for a reward or shares of your product. Finally, there's the development campaign that allows you to post a campaign and look for a developer, writer, designer or any other specialist that you maybe need help from in return for a share of your app.
Well it's certainly true that there are more apps around now than ever before. The boom computer sales are in tablets and smartphones these days rather than home computers and the owners of these portable devices want all their home comforts while they are on the go so the market is only going to get bigger. The New Appsplit allows everyone to get involved in the apps game whether you want to fund or be funded. With the amount of geeks there are out there I can only see this free crowd sourcing app bringing more of them into app development rather than playing World Of Warcraft.

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