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The Next Big Film is a new immersive concept that combines elements from Film, Game and Fantasy ... More

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Published 7 Jun 2019

When it comes to films these days, it's not easy to pick which one is going to be the next Black Panther or Avengers mega success and which is going to be the next Cutthroat Island or John Carter. I mean, who could have guessed that the first two would sell over a billion dollars worth of tickets at the box office worldwide while the last two would fail so miserably? It's not easy being a movie boss. it's reckoned that half the films made in Hollywood these days actually make a loss with very few making a decent profit and only the success of the mega films manages to keep Hollywood in the black. So, how do you fancy yourself as being the next Walt Disney or Harvey Weinstein? (Actually, I think we can happily leave Weinstein out of things nowadays.) Here is a new game that puts you in the hot seat and lets you be the boss of your own film studios. Do you think you can pick a winner at the box office? Well, we'll see.

The Next Big Film is a new fantasy game for iOS that throws your passionate film fan in at the deep end by getting them to predict the next Black Panther, Avengers or Avatar. As the developers say in their advertising: 'it's a new immersive concept that combines elements from film, game and fantasy sport into a mobile, cinematic experience' - which, I guess, sums it...