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Published 7 Jun 2019

[cont'd] up quite well. This box office prediction game enables film fans from all over the world to connect with other film fans to interact, discuss and even promote their favorite movies as well as providing a heck of a lot of fun. 

So, how does the game play out? Well, imagine that you are the CEO of a major movie studio like Warners or Fox. This means that you are responsible for your company’s film portfolio and the subsequent revenue it can generate so you must strategically spend your budget to buy the films you believe will land you at the top, gain the competitive advantage over your rivals and, most importantly, bank the biggest revenue. Each day, a whole bunch of new films will be released and auctioned off to the highest bidder who then becomes the owner of that film and secures the rights to a percentage of its box-office takings. You'll be pitted head-to-head against other film distributors in an all-out bidding war for the films you think will be profitable and you'll use your virtual credit to outbid the other members in your 'film league' to purchase the next big release.

You'll be able to test your film knowledge further by predicting how much a film will make during a specific time period in the prediction element of the game. This is a side-game to the main event that provides a lifeline to those who get it wrong the first...