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Published 7 Jun 2019

[cont'd] time around. It gives players a second chance and an opportunity to make a little additional revenue, which is always useful. So, where are you getting your money from in the first place, I hear you ask. Well, once you've downloaded the free app from the App Store you'll receive in-game virtual credit of £1m. What's more, you'll get another million every day that you subsequently open the game. 

The Next Big Film began its journey a couple of years ago as a simple game between a few friends. The last year has been spent designing the game, developing the brand, building the core team and now, launching the app. If you're into movies you'll love it. Players can follow their film’s box-office success through the app while competing with other film distributors and you can share your success with friends and movie rivals alike. The game has developed into a community for film fans and enables them to embrace their favourite films prior to their theatrical release and beyond. It transforms how film fans interact with movies through a collaborative, though competitive, film rivalry. The whole experience is backed up using unique, authentic, real-time, audience specific data to give players all the information they need to succeed in the game. The Next Big Film is available now for free for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.