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The Novel Factory helps writers achieve their dreams.

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If you’d like to write a novel, but don’t know where to start, then the Novel Factory can help you get that novel written and even guide you to submitting it to agents or self-publishing platforms.
Or, if you’re a more established writer, but are tired of losing track of notes and digging around in drawers for resources, then the Novel Factory can you bring order from the chaos.
It includes tons of useful novel writing tools, including:
• Drag and drop subplot interface
• Character development resources
• Plot templates
• Ability to upload multiple image resources
• Resources and Notes sections
You can set writing targets and track your progress with colourful graphs.
It even includes a step by step guide to writing a novel for new writers!
One of the most unique features is the subplot manager, which allows you to view your subplots cross referenced with scenes, and drag and drop them in a user-friendly, intuitive interface until you have a perfect, watertight plot.
Another popular feature is the plotting section, which contains areas (and guides on):
• The Premise
• The plot outline
• The short synopsis
• The extended synopsis
• And more!
The character section includes comprehensive prompts to help create three-dimensional, charismatic characters, including questionnaires, voice development questions, characterisation prompts, backstory area, basic info cover sheet and the unique ‘character introductions’ method.

Available Online or for Windows desktop.

It is completely free to trial for 30 days – no commitment, no credit card details required.

Last updated 8 Jul 2019

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