Developer description

The Pearlary is a social website to collect phrases from the web. Famous quotes, common phrases, aphorisms, jokes from the Web. You can get new fresh phrases everyday, find beautiful phrases, inspirational thoughts to update your
status on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. The difference between "The Pearlary" and any other archive of phrases, sayings, idioms and expressions, is that users participate and enrich it with phrases and thoughts of the moment,
besides the fact that the system is able to "listen" and pick the best phrases published on the web in last 24 hours. By visiting the website, you are invited to login and participate, this feature is not mandatory, however, and does not preclude the use of the website. In fact even if you are not going to provide your data, you can visit the "Wall of Wisdom" : a collection of (sentences) divided into several categories which grows by the day, with the contribution of all users. To those who decide to login using your Facebook account, Twitter or by registering at the website completely free of charge, is given to you a personal area where the user can collect and set aside the phrases that are the most liked for them then consult when they need it at the appropriate time. It is also
given the opportunity to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ phrases, it is also possible to transform sentences into images that can then be downloaded and reused as you wish. The Pearlary provides the user with a daily standings, this is easily accessible by accessing the site via the Web or via mobile devices (mobile and Tablet) or via RSS feed.

Last updated 17 Dec 2013

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