The Photo Battle View website

Developer description

The Photo Battle connects with facebook to access your friend’s photos. Next, you’ll see a battle, photos posted by two of your facebook friends, asking you to choose which photo you like better. Click one, and the site will show you how many votes (battles won) both photos have received. Click on top photos, and you can view your Top 10 facebook photos and your friends Top 10 photos on facebook. But that’s not all.

The Photo Battle also has public battles, where you can vote on hot topics like, Who’s the hotter celebrity?, Who’s the better singer? Or Who’s the best athlete? You can even create your own photo battles that you can share with the public or just with your friends. All you need is an intriguing question, two amazing photos and people to share your battle with. Photo Battles are the most fun way to ask a question and the easier way to get an answer.

Last updated 26 Oct 2012