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An iconic board game joins the digital age

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One of the most successful board games across Northern Europe in the period 1975 - 1978 called ... More

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Published 22 Feb 2014

The 1970's was a heady time for board games. It was the time before the Taiwanese revolutionized the games business by inventing hand held computer game in the early 80's and flooded the market with them and pretty well annihilated the board game. But it was back in those days that Irish inventor Brian McCarthy came up with the idea for this wonderfully innovative board game while on a plane trip. He wanted to invent a game that could be a competitor to chess but was far less complicated. So he came up with the very original "Power Game" and it was a huge success and sold a million units in the mid seventies. At a chance meeting at a digital games convention in Ireland in 2013, the now 72 year old McCarthy pitched his idea of digitalizing the game and now it has been reborn as an app for mobiles and revolutionized for the digital age.
"The Power Game" was one of the most successful board games ever when released across Northern Europe in the mid to late '70's. Now it has been brought up to date and relaunched as a superb digital version of the game. The game was one of a range of 4 ‘Thinking games’ invented by McCarthy and its appeal centered on it being very quick and easy to learn but not so easy to win. It has only four rules of play - the first rule being that white always goes...