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Developer description

It sucks when you buy something on eBay, but find out that the same item is being sold a week later at half the price. Guessing how much you should pay for a product is often a difficult and time consuming process.

The Price Geek solves this problem by creating price data visualizations out of all the products on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and more. You just need to type in the item you're looking for, i.e. 'iphone 5', and the geeks in our dungeon will crawl the internet and assemble an accurate picture what the market price of that item should be.

All the data is summed up in a couple of handy graphs. And, you can clearly see the best current deals are on offer. Unlike honey pot price comparison sites, The Price Geek is dedicated to help you make well informed purchase decisions based on data driven analysis. To back this promise, we've made our data auditable and you can check how we calculate the market price, mean and standard deviation.

Last updated 28 Jul 2013