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Developer description

The Quest: Ultimate Fitness Challenge is an exercise challenge program that taps into the inner competitor to drive your fitness to the next level. It turns exercising into a fun and exciting adventure as you earn points and complete challenges to advance levels. At it's core, The Quest features 10 levels of progressive exercise programming. The program is designed to improve strength, endurance, posture, and mobility to prepare users for the tests that lie ahead. The program uses a variety of methods from high-intensity interval training to mixed strength and conditioning to provide a unique workout experience. Once you begin your program, your previous workout and currently scheduled workout is viewable from the dashboard to help keep you on task. To pass a level, users must earn a given amount of points to “unlock” the gauntlet. Gauntlets are fitness challenges that test overall physical conditioning through a unique blend of strength and endurance exercise. It is the ultimate measure of progress. If completed successfully, the individual will earn additional points and advance to the next level. If unsuccessful, they will lose points and have to attempt the challenge again. Users can track their fitness stats, including weight, body composition, resting heart rate, athropometric measurements, and fitness test scores. A monthly email is sent out to remind them to update their stats to measure progress. Additionally, a weekly email is sent out to provide users with an overview of their activity and accomplishments for the previous week. The Quest also features a social component, allowing users to form friendships, groups, and communicate with all users in “The Gallery.” Users can also keep tabs on the competition through social profiles and The Quest Leaderboard, where they are ranked according to points earned, workouts completed, gauntlet scores, and current Quest level achieved. The combination of competitive drive and social interaction helps users stay motivated and engaged.

Last updated 18 Feb 2012