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Published 11 Dec 2011

It used to be that confirming the quality and integrity of potential tenants was a lengthy and time consuming business. Over the years, things have improved enormously for landlords but to thoroughly check out the credentials of a tenant there were a number of hoops you still had to jump through in order to be totally sure. And with so many foreclosures out there you have far more tenants entering the market. Therrd is a one stop shop for all things connected to leasing your property with confidence.

It provides everything a landlord needs from credit and background checks and incident reports and delivers them all in one place. When you join the Rent Rite Directory's totally free incident reporting community you are joining a network of like-minded property owners, managers and landlords who understand the value in saving time and money while preserving their peace-of-mind and improving their local neighborhoods. If you are a landlord, background checks on applicants is possibly the toughest part of the process. How often have you wished for a database that could help you confirm whether or not someone is going to be a quality tenant? Will they skip on their lease obligations or damage your property?

While credit reports and background checks are helpful in the tenant screening process there has never been a comprehensive and  free online incident reporting database that tells the real story in real time with verifiable documentation uploaded by property owners, managers and landlords like you. Among...