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Know if a tenant is good or bad

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Published 11 Dec 2011

[cont'd] other things, the incident reporting database tracks people who skip out of tenancies, evictions, criminal activities, non-payment of rent, proxy renters and people who damage property. The email alert system allows police officers to send you and your fellow managers, owners and landlords an alert when there has been a criminal trespass, An on-property crime, neighborhood crimes or any suspicious activity in your area which  informs you in real time of an issue that requires your immediate attention.

For the first time ever, Therrd supplies all the information needed for the landlord to make the best possible decision on who is going to rent their precious property. Whereas before it would have been a time consuming and lengthy process of applying for information from various organizations, Therrd gathers all the detailed information you need to make the best informed decision. The database is a simple and easy to use and navigate format and it's all available in one place on your desktop.

There are a number of pricing plans available but none will break the bank. It's a cost effective way of vetting your potential tenants that will save you a lot of time and give you piece of mind when getting them to sign on the dotted line.