Developer description

If you're a musician who posts stuff online, you'll know that you have to post things multiple times. YouTube. Soundcloud. Streaming music services. Because you never know what platform your audience is going to find your stuff, it has to be everywhere.

But what if there was some way to gather together all these locations into one need place? That's where Whaam comes in.

Whaam is a Swedish start-up with a widget that incorporate links to YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify in one place. I created this NIN widget in about four minutes.

That's much neater than having separate links, doesn't it? (There's no Spotify link because we don't have Spotify in Canada. But if it were....)

Whaam is current in beta, but they're looking for people willing to test it out, if you're interested.

Last updated 7 Jul 2013

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