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Published 22 Jan 2013

Adoptions have been back in the news quite a lot lately with the Russian Government's recent decision to stop their children being adopted by US parents. It stemmed from a rather ill thought out decision by one American woman to 'send back' an apparently unruly child she had adopted but had proved too difficult for her to handle. The adoption process is a difficult one at the best of times and, to have the best chance of success, it makes sense to have all the information you need at your fingertips. TheAdoptionApp is a comprehensive guide to the international and domestic adoption process that was previously only available for iPhone. Now this highly regarded knowledge tool is available for Android and helps individuals and couples understand and navigate the whole adoption process.
Do you know the difference between a 'Hague' and a 'non-Hague' adoption agreement is? If you dont, and you are thinking about adoption from another country, you had better start doing a bit of research now. TheAdoptionApp is a home study guide to help individuals and couples navigate the complete adoption process while on the go.  Its a mobile app that will guide you through the many steps and tasks that need to be completed before your domestic or international adoption is approved. It gives detailed information on the home study, clearances, course requirements, state, federal and international documentation needed and other household considerations in a quick and easy checklist. The app has been described...