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Published 22 Jan 2013

[cont'd] as one-part information and one part 'hand-holding' through the steps of the complicated adoption process. It answers most of the questions that you would ever think about asking, is a very good knowledge database and eliminates some of the mountains of paperwork required. It's the sort of information and resource guide that you would hope that any adoption agency would supply, but don't. It also includes example forms (very useful for overseas adoptions so you get to know what an immigration form looks like,) essential home study reading lists and a checklist of things to do. Previously only available for iPhone, this Android version was built using HTML5 though it does include some brand new coding that has only just been added to HTML5. Because of this, the app is compatible with specific browsers on your Android mobile device. It will work on all devices but the functionality of some features might be a little impaired - especially on older devices. You can check out the FAQ page to see if your version is up to the task. The app features the same functionality as the iPhone version and includes the connect feature, tasks and checklists, links to resources and information on both international and domestic adoptions. l
It's no surprise that TheAdoptionApp was created by an adoptive mom who found the whole adoption process difficult and confusing. She decided to build her own organizer and guide for her mobile to help others who might...