Developer description

theBillingBridge is an app for the physician's phone, as well as the office manager, or anyone else in the practice who can benefit from the plethora of information available from this one smartphone app. Once logged into theBillingBridge, the very first screen opens with an overlay to inform the physician of any queries his office has and the monetary value of those queries.
Once the query screen is acknowledged, the update of the number of claims billed, the total amount billed and the total collected is available at a glance and to the date the physician has requested. This screen also allows for the gateway to any information the physician may need concerning his/her claim cycle. You can view claims in the system, clearinghouse rejections, insurance collections, etc.
The query button brings up the queries in the system, so without having to phone the office and get the personnel responsible, the physician can type the answer to the query and the billing personal has what they need immediately so that those claims can leave the practice for reimbursement as soon as it can be dropped. Also included is a button for patient payments. This keeps you up on what is being collected from the patients.
There is also a great feature called the Billing Bridge Velocity Top 10. At a glance this can tell the Top CPTs, units billed, Total billed, and your average reimbursement. This is so convenient to have when meeting with insurance representatives for the purpose of re-negotiating fees, etc. The clearinghouse rejection button also allows the physician to see what has been rejected and what has been worked. This is important to keep all claims moving through the system as soon as possible to avoid timely filing challenges.
This is the neatest app to keep you connected to the heartbeat of your practice, your A/R cycle.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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