Developer description

Do you like playing addictive games? Games where you get angry when you lose? Like Flappy Bird? But you still play this game again and again? This game was developed following these principles!

I personally love games when it is simple to play, but very hard to be the best. Following these rules THEBOX was created. It's a game with a simple UI, smooth animations, easy gameplay and has an addictive impact.

When the game begins, the timebar starts to get lower and blocks appear in a certain interval. You have to tap on the blocks so that they disappear and push the timebar a litte up. Different blocktypes have different benefits. When typing on the white ones, you get points and time. The white ones are the most commons blocks. Orange blocks are like the white ones, but they give you some extra points. The blue ones freeze the timebar and the green ones give you a time boost.

So the goal is to keep up the timebar above the bottom line and gain as many points as possible. If the timebar reaches the bottom, then you lose.

When you gain points during the game you also get some ingame coins. With these coins you can upgrade your blocks so they give you more points, timeboost, etc.... In the statistics you can see how many times you played, on how many blocks you already typed and other statistics.

You can compare your highscore with your friends and with the world. Got interested? Then I would be very grateful if you check out my game and give me some feedback.

Last updated 21 Nov 2017

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