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It's Idol and The Voice...internet style

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Published 18 Dec 2012

[cont'd] cover versions of well known (and not so well known) songs. The Covr is a crowd-sourced platform for cover versions of songs and has been designed to be built by the viewer or listener. Post your favorites, vote up the good ones and create and share your own custom playlists. Maybe you like the idea of Abba covered by The Ramones or are looking for country versions of rap songs - not so likely but you never know. What you can be sure of though, is that you can be guaranteed that every genre will be covered out there somewhere. The fact is, there is a massive amount of talent out there just waiting to be found. The Covr was created to give voice to all the talented artists out there who are rocking out in basements, cafes and studios (or in their own bedrooms, if it comes to that) that have put their unique touch on familiar songs. This fine app makes  it easy to listen to, vote on and discover the best covers the internet has to offer. If you are an artist you can submit on the Artist's page where you can post content, connect with your fans and link to iTunes, Songkick and Bandcamp etc.
The Covr is another good addition to the vast array of music apps but offers something different from most of the others. This easy to use and rather good looking app gives a chance for exposure for a...