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Editor's review

Published 21 Sep 2011

Any crowd funding site that promotes new and innovative ideas has to be a good thing and the guys behind this seem to have done a thorough job with a good looking site and well explained functions. Designers who have great ideas but find it a struggle to get the backing from manufacturers can upload their design in a number of formats (even on a napkin apparently) for consideration by thecreator.ME team who then get on with the serious work of getting it made. Obviously before that can happen it needs funding and before that it needs a price. To arrive at a figure the site works with manufacturers to produce a prototype and carries out all of the necessary background stuff in respect of production and eventual shipping costs. The original designer also has some input here.

Once the required level of funding is decided the design can enter the BackIT stage where users interested in new and exciting products can search the directory and pledge money towards getting an idea produced. All supporters backing and purchasing get a limited first edition piece.

Designers and backers can of course use all of the different social networks to hand to spread the word on a design and draw more support and full backing is a requirement because a piece won’t see the light of day without it. Anyone who does pledge cash will not be charged until an idea is totally funded.

Successful designs are made available in the sites on-line store and you never know they could even end up in retail outlets across the globe! Whatever the outlet, designers are promised a larger percentage cut than normal and receive their royalties on a regular basis.

Using the three stages of DesignIT, BackIT and BuyIT this site looks like a great place for passionate designers and people who want to buy something new and exciting.

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