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Published 12 Nov 2011

There are lots of travel guides and tourist books around but they’re generally written by expert writers or a country’s own tourist board so to get the views of ordinary people who have been there as well as people who live there gives a great personal insight.

With anyone can become a guide and by registering you can share your knowledge of not just your local area but of any of the places you’ve been in the world. The site is easy to navigate and all the countries of the world are listed regardless of whether there is an entry for them.

A nice touch is that each country page is headed with its flag, and with a click you can see a general map, average weather conditions and the best bit of all, hear a clip of the national anthem! Not only can you hear the tune but the words to the anthem are also listed which gives a great cultural insight into these places.

As a ˈguideˈ you can upload photographs and videos and give a brief overview about the places you’ve visited. You can also act as an ambassador for your country and wax lyrical about the good things it has going for it. Again you’re encouraged to include pictures and videos to illustrate your story.

All in all, the site is a kind of social network connecting people from far and wide. You can find new friends, keep in touch with old ones and generally promote all that you find good in the world as you see it.

I really like this site and hope it spreads its net to all corners of the globe because it really does serve a useful purpose. Have a look and if you’re country is still without a guide then put it right and big it up.

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