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Job Seekers uses TheJobScoop to find the company culture that aligns with their own values. TheJobScoop is a two-sided marketplace for Job Seekers and Job Mentors. Job Seekers gain insight into company culture fit and values with a one-on-one Mentor session. Mentors offer a live-session with Job Seekers through phone/video call.

Oftentimes a Job Seeker may join a company for a while, only later discovering that the company is not the right fit for them. This is a lose-lose situation for both the Job Seeker and the Company; both parties invest their time and resources. On this site The Job Scoop, Job Seeker gets all their pertinent questions answered directly with a Mentor. Our community of mentors are experienced and come from diverse backgrounds: they are a reliable source, with unbiased sound advice, and have your best interest in mind.

Last updated 10 Aug 2020

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