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Using Theme Force, a restaurant owner can easily assemble a website for their establishment. A ... More

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Published 23 Oct 2011

It's daunting enough opening your own restaurant without all the other things that go along with it. The location...the staff...the food...what else is there? Ah yes.. advertising. Without doubt one of the most important decisions you are going to make is about your website. Do you go out and commission a company to handle your website design of do you take up your own valuable time doing the whole thing yourself. There is a brilliant and cost effective solution. Theme Force is a design tool that provides you with all the ammunition you need to easily put together an affordable, powerful and professional website for your restaurant.
Theme Force is a business  domain design tool with the emphasis on food. Let's face it, plenty of restaurant websites have the right intentions but fail to deliver. They'll use flash, add music and have no easy way of updating it. As a result, they're hard to navigate and may end up just frustrating the viewer. Thankfully you dont need to have a degree in web design to construct your site as the restaurant owner can easily assemble a website for their establishment by choosing one of their beautiful base designs to start off with.Then you can just upload various images (logo, location photography, etc.) and easily select colors that match your existing brand. At that point, menus & events can easily be added and managed. This can all be further enhanced by...