Developer description

The amount of WordPress themes and their creators is increasing every day. Thousands of WordPress themes are scattered over in hundreds of different websites. Locating and browsing through all of them takes enormous amount of time. It is very hard to find what you need even when you know what you are looking for. Searching different sites and comparing the results can be very complicated and definitely time consuming.

Luckily, Themeshaker is about to change things around. It is a powerful web application that accelerates the process of finding a perfect WordPress theme. Thanks to its lightweight structure, Themeshaker glides through a list of themes without effort and presents with the live results. is a flexible and fast WordPress themes searching engine, which ensure very quick and comfortable hunt for the user and delivers the results that meet his requirements the best.

Each of you may think of a different set of features a theme must have and all of those scenarios should be considered. For that reason, extensive filtering options have been added to the Themeshaker. It is now a theme search at its best.

Last updated 14 Nov 2012