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Today’s online experience is broken
• Too many disconnected sites for different things
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Published 14 May 2013

Now... if only our day-to-day lives could be organized this well. Imagine how brilliant it would be to sort out the important from the not-so-important and be able to box up different parts of our lives and then have wise people whisper to us the things we could be missing out on. Well, that may not be so easy in the real world but online is a different story. theneeds is a news networking application that makes your whole Internet experience less cluttered and more intuitive by compartmentalizing the best and most important stuff on the net just as you like it. Then get automatic recommendations and suggestions for similar services and information from a like-minded people social community out there.
There is so much information available to is these days that the online experience is dangerously close to being broken. There are way too many disconnected sites for different things and its getting hard to keep up with what’s new or cool. What tends to happen is that users end up searching for the same things over and over again. Getting suggestions and sharing knowledge from people other than your social media friends is difficult especially if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for. Whether you just want to surf around or are looking for something specific, theneeds helps you find and discover the best online services and web content in one easy-to-read place. theneeds re-imagines the way we use the web by making it less about searching and more about finding stuff that is tailored to your unique tastes. It brings you both content and services and lets you catch up on the latest news and articles while giving you access to the best services based on your specific needs and surfing habits. You can either consume the information given or contribute to it - your suggestions will help others who are searching the same way you are. theneeds is a community-powered information organizer where you can vote on what you see to help the best and most interesting stories rise to the top leading to more quality and less noise.
One thing is for sure. Searching for specific stuff on the Internet is definitely getting more difficult in the congested 21st Century. So much of a Google search is taken up with advertising and paid submissions that it might take several pages of searching before you really find what you are looking for. theneeds is a very neat and sweet way of boxing everything up and making the thirst for knowledge just that little bit easier. By learning from your previous searches, this very clever and intuitive app not only cuts out a lot of the crap that is usually served up but also draws more relevant and eye-opening results from like-minded people. Just pick the stuff you are interested in and forget about the rest. Theneeds looks great, is simple to use and polarizes your ideas into tangible results. If only my real-life were that simple to organize.

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