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Published 22 Nov 2011

The community strikes back! ThingsPeopleMake is like that place you always check out when you go to the market - only it's been brought right up to date and into the noughties. ThingsPeopleMake is somewhere for talented crafters, makers and do-it-yourselfers to go to show and sell their bespoke items. Share your projects with your friends and get feedback even if you don't plan to sell them.

ThingsPeopleMake is a free site for crafters, makers and do-it-yourselfers that lets you showcase your projects as they develop and get community feedback on new ideas and endeavors-whether or not you plan to sell them!

You can share knowledge and exchange tips by creating tutorials tutorials for anyone to watch. As a consequence, you can meet new friends who share your passion for making unique items.Then you can buy or sell the things you make and keep what you earn as ThingsPeopleMake don't take a maybe it's time to break out and stop creating your bespoke items in isolation. In order to sell something you must have a PayPal account. Your thing for sale should be listed in the "Sell it!" stage and you'll be prompted to give your thing's item price, shipping price, and your PayPal account email. Once you find a thing you want to purchase just click the "Buy It!" button on the thing's detail page. TPM lets you share your creative process with people who love making things as much as you do. You sign in through your Facebook account for simplicity and speed.

Well it's about time the talented amongst us had a place online to display and sell their wonderful and original products. ThingsPeopleMake is a free social creative shopping tool that takes the community of craftspeople into the big bad world of business and allows them to seek their goods on the same stage as the big boys. Whether it's a quilt you are making or a piece of jewelry you can display it here. Or maybe you want to learn more about how a craft is perfected and you can try that here too. Now let me see if there's a tutorial on lead light and stained glass windows.

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