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Published 9 Sep 2012

[cont'd] Thinking Of You's 'thoughts.' Thinking of You has support for multiple languages including English, Hindi and Spanish with many more in the pipeline! With 99 'thoughts' per language that means 297 'thoughts' in all. Thinking of You should have you covered for all your emotional needs!
You remember those times when you are walking through town and maybe you see a cool pair of shoes in a shop window and a loved one comes to mind? You'd love to be able to send them a message. Not necessarily to tell them about the shoes but maybe you just want to send warm thoughts to them. Thinking Of You is a simple, convenient and free way of sending them your thoughts via a series of thoughts and messages that can be sent in any number of ways. No matter what the occasion or the emotion you wish to convey you should be able to find something to suit the situation.