Developer description

A thot is a play of the word 'thought'. It represents anything (a thought, an item, a person, etc...) that can be voted on. Thotvote is a concept-based application, where users are provided an opportunity to post their own thots and also vote on thots posted by other users. The uniqueness of Thotvote lies in the following features it provides:

1. Popularity of a thot:
A thot is displayed based on two factors namely:
a) the total number of votes it has received:
Thots with larger number of total votes are displayed larger in size than those with lesser number of total votes.
b) the number of positive or negative votes it has received:
Thots with more positive votes are displayed in green, thots with more negative votes in red, and thots with equal number of positive and negative votes in grey.

2. Global/regional view of a thot's popularity:
A world-map showing the locations of the votes is displayed. This gives the user a rough idea regarding how popular or otherwise a thot is in his/her region of interest.

3. User rewards:
A user is rewarded in the following scenarios:
a) when he/she votes on a thot (increases activity points),
b) when he/she posts a new thot (increases activity points),
c) when his/her thot is voted on (increases influence points).
Consequently, the most active, most influential and the champion (i.e., both qualities combined) users are calculated every 15 minutes, and displayed at the top of every page on the screen.

4. Sharing on Facebook:
After voting on a particular thot or creating a new thot, a user gets the opportunity to inform his/her friends on Facebook about it.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015