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Bring out the fashionista in your photos

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Published 30 Oct 2012

[cont'd] us distant but instead spark inspiration between cultures to try new things and embrace new ideas. Connect with friends, discover new trends and inspire the world with style. Let your closet do the talking. Get dressed up, snap a photo of yourself, filter and tag it by brand, price and the location of your purchase and post it off to ThreadShare. Organize and share your social-closet at your discretion. You can send your photos directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too, if you like.
Threadshare has all the credentials to become the next Pinterest. It certainly will be if they get to 100,000 sign ups by the time it gets to the official launch date. There is no doubt that iPhone users love a good photo app and this one has a lot going for it. It offers a unique take on the photo app by pinning your photos to a fashion concept and encouraging you to dress up and take a photo. ThreadShare is an easy to use free app that looks great and will definitely appeal to anyone with a liking for fashion and owns a mobile phone.