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Published 20 Oct 2011

If you’re a small independent retailer you probably think the big boys have had it all their own way for long enough and you wouldn’t be alone. Not only can they often beat you on price due to their bulk buying capacity they seem to possess all the necessary tricks for analyzing their customer’s behaviour and buying habits.

Well it’s time to start getting your own back.

Thrive is an application specifically designed for the independent retailer with a physical store and a walk-in customer base. At its core is a system capable of any number of calculations on store activity based on several years of research.

It’s not magic and it’s not instant and you will have to put a little work into it to reap the benefits. The work is hardly taxing however and includes entering your store’s activity on a regular basis and setting sales goals. The system can  then report back to you on things like how you’re doing in respect of current conversion rates and average sales values and  suggest improvements and adjustments you should to consider to get closer to you goal.

Many businesses, and not just small retailers, commit to an advertising budget but don’t have the resources to really analyze the results of a campaign. Thrive can provide all the data you need to see if you invested wisely or threw your money down the drain.

The beauty of the advertising evaluator feature is that it can also help plan future campaigns. If you’re considering signing up for something just enter the costs into Thrive and based on your conversion rate and average sales values it will tell you how many customers you need to pull in just to get your money back. As well as preventing you from wasting money it can also act as a great bargaining tool with advertising reps.

You don’t have to be an analyst to use Thrive and the guidance notes on every page will help you over any questions you might have in respect of required content. So if you’ve had enough of finger in the air marketing and the reliance on luck for footfall sign up and start getting your own back.

Used properly this application could see the bully boys with acres of floor space find themselves in a bit of competition with the little guy next door.

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