Developer description

Tidycave for iOS is a social task management app for roommates, young couples and friend groups who want their around-the-house tasks to stay organized. This app helps keep stress to a minimum… no more worrying of whose week it is to take out the trash or forgetting the extra pack of hamburger buns and beer for the cookout this weekend. Ever put something off that needed to be done around the house? Well with this app’s built in social feed, and group task management you can hold yourself accountable with friends and family by showing you FINALLY got that new light bulb for the hall closet!

This app is truly one of a kind because it helps productivity in a social atmosphere with friends and family rather than just another Microsoft Office-esque calendar app for hopeful organization and follow through. Our lives outside of work should be different than how we manage it in the office, as should the way we plan also be different, so, loosen up and stay on top of things with us!

Tidycave lets you:
Add, delete, create and plan tasks
Assign tasks to different members of a chosen ‘family’ social group
Accept or Reject tasks assigned to you from another group member
Create an unlimited amount of ‘families’ of your different social groups or partners
Add tasks to your own personal task list
View a live feed of others using the app and the tasks that they are planning/completing
Comment and like tasks completed or planned by others on the social feed
Dashboard view of all tasks Not Started or WIP (color coded for time remaining to complete)
Personalize your own profile
Be reminded of tasks approaching the set deadline via iphone notification

Last updated 12 Jul 2018

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