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Published 10 Dec 2011

I remember as a kid writing long stories with a fountain pen, adding a few drawings and then binding all the sheets of paper together in brown parcel paper tied down the middle with wool. I was an author at eight years old and nobody was going to tell me any different! It’s funny but I never sold any copies but my mother still has them in a box somewhere and they come out now and again when the subject of me writing for a living comes up, bless!

If tikatok had been around in those days then I doubt if anyone would have been able to drag me away from the computer. Mind you there weren’t computers back then either so it’s all relative.

I really like the idea of this one that gives kids the opportunity of letting their imaginations go wild and getting it down in print form. Imagine looking back in years to come at a professionally bound book, complete with images, and telling a story that could only have come from the strange workings of a young mind.

Of course there is a strong educational slant to this one and why not. Getting a class to publish a book is a great introduction to the real world of writing and mom, dad and grandparents are going to order more than one copy to sit on their coffee table. As gifts go this one is up there with the Christening book and the scrapbook showing the inky footprint of a new born baby.

All the tools are here to get a book off the ground and even if the germ of an idea is hard to come by there are subject suggestions and prompts to get the juices flowing. Get them started early and you may sow the seed of a future career!


It really doesn’t matter how young you start, having a book on your shelf with your name on it will give you a thrill all your life even if it doesn’t make the bestseller lists. 

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