Developer description

Tiki Kart Island is a high-speed story driven arcade kart racing campaign, with a real-time multiplayer online battle arena where you can find rare loot! Or create your own tracks that people all over the world can race while you get prizes for it!


★Over 60 Campaign locations★
High speed interactive adventure filled with high speed mayhem.

★Real-time online Battle Arena★
Take your Kart into an ancient Tiki Arena and engage in real-time online multiplayer action to get treasure.

★Track Creator★
Create amazing tracks and share them with the world, hundreds of crazy things like items, themes, props, ramps, boosts, loops etc

★Discover Blueprints to fun and powerful upgrades★
-9 very unique upgradeable Racing Karts
-9 playable Characters 8 from the original Tiki Kart
-9 wild tires some made for speed some made of fruit!
-10 Upgradable weapons like the Mega Nuke, Ice Nuke, Totem Rammer, Rolling huge mine, flat mine, fireball, fire Rocket, Banana Peel, Tar Monster and more

★New original types of kart racing gameplay★
-New types of kart racing gameplay like Beach Buggy Ball
-crazy Boulder chase
-The Moon Jump
-Battle with loot drops
-Totem Rammer racing
-Supply Route
-Burn The Village Down
-Save The village
-Epic Boss Battles
-And more!

Last updated 17 Apr 2018