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Published 20 Nov 2020

Well, we've all seen our worlds turned upside down over the last year or so, haven't we? The Covid-19 pandemic has seen jobs lost and many businesses running at half pace while others have disappeared completely. Governments have been stretched to the limit trying to keep workers in employment and some workers have been encouraged - especially in the entertainment industries - to retrain for a completely different career. So, if you are in that position, how do you get yourself back on your feet and into meaningful employment again? You can either go through the usual channels where you are competing with similar individuals in similar situations to yourself or you can improve your odds and go down a different route. A route like 'tilr.'

'tilr' is a new employment and job seeking app for Android and iOS that offers next level employment opportunities for those of us who are looking for a employment, wanting to change our job or simply trying to rise up the corporate ladder and have a better and more affluent life. Rather than going down the same old tired employment route where life is filled with the routine of searching through job applications and sending out resumes in the hope of something turning up, tilr turns things upside down. All you need to do once you've signed up is to input your skills and work preferences and tilr's smart algorithm will match you with the job that fits your circumstances. Not only that but, because your skill sets have been matched so closely, you'll more than likely find yourself as one of the leading candidates for the position that you apply for.

In most cases, tilr also eliminates the necessity of an initial 'screening test' because many of those questions will be asked of you within the app via the frequently asked questions section. The added bonus here is that you can practice those questions as many times as you like with tilr providing feedback on your answers and showing you ways to improve them. When you are happy with your answers, you can submit them. This eliminates a lot of the stress of the initial face to face interview. If you feel that you need to up your skill level to qualify for better paying jobs, tilt's partner company Trainup can provide them at little or no cost to you. All this from within the tilt app. 

Then there's the 'Launch Pad' feature where you can obtain personalized, in depth data on the job market. Whether you are looking to change your career, searching for a job in your local area or thinking about moving to a different location for a better salary, this is the place to go. It provides all the information you need in a moment. This included the industries where your skills are needed, the jobs that are available right now and the top hiring companies on both a local and a national level. It also shows you what the pay scales are as well as a comparison between the salaries of different jobs in different cities. 

There's little doubt that the pandemic is going to affect the employment market for some time yet - given that the US doesn't seem to have the discipline to deal with the problem - so it's going to be vitally important to have all weapons at your disposal if you're looking for work or wanting to upgrade to a better paying job. tilt is at a higher level of job-seeking than most. All you need are the specific skills required for the job and tilt will match them with the best positions available no matter where you want to work. Some of the best companies in America rely on tilt. All it takes is a modest monthly fee and you can reap the benefits of some of the best positions available. 

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