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Published 20 Nov 2020

Well, we've all seen our worlds turned upside down over the last year or so, haven't we? The Covid-19 pandemic has seen jobs lost and many businesses running at half pace while others have disappeared completely. Governments have been stretched to the limit trying to keep workers in employment and some workers have been encouraged - especially in the entertainment industries - to retrain for a completely different career. So, if you are in that position, how do you get yourself back on your feet and into meaningful employment again? You can either go through the usual channels where you are competing with similar individuals in similar situations to yourself or you can improve your odds and go down a different route. A route like 'tilr.'

'tilr' is a new employment and job seeking app for Android and iOS that offers next level employment opportunities for those of us who are looking for a employment, wanting to change our job or simply trying to rise up the corporate ladder and have a better and more affluent life. Rather than going down the same old tired employment route where life is filled with the routine of searching through job applications and sending out resumes in the hope of something turning up, tilr turns things upside down. All you need to do once you've signed up is to input your skills and work preferences and tilr's smart algorithm will match you with the job that fits your circumstances. Not only...