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Published 20 Nov 2020

[cont'd] that but, because your skill sets have been matched so closely, you'll more than likely find yourself as one of the leading candidates for the position that you apply for.

In most cases, tilr also eliminates the necessity of an initial 'screening test' because many of those questions will be asked of you within the app via the frequently asked questions section. The added bonus here is that you can practice those questions as many times as you like with tilr providing feedback on your answers and showing you ways to improve them. When you are happy with your answers, you can submit them. This eliminates a lot of the stress of the initial face to face interview. If you feel that you need to up your skill level to qualify for better paying jobs, tilt's partner company Trainup can provide them at little or no cost to you. All this from within the tilt app. 

Then there's the 'Launch Pad' feature where you can obtain personalized, in depth data on the job market. Whether you are looking to change your career, searching for a job in your local area or thinking about moving to a different location for a better salary, this is the place to go. It provides all the information you need in a moment. This included the industries where your skills are needed, the jobs that are available right now and the top hiring companies on both a local and...